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Giving Thanks

Tomorrow before we eat, my wife will ask us each to identify someone or something for which we are thankful.  I’m thinking of my “Top Ten:” My wife Michele, who proves her love for me and her commitment to our life together daily.  What a great gift it is for her to “be there” for me, […]

What about Santa Claus?

My wife and I never talked with our daughter about Santa Claus.  It was a conscious decision we made, and one we have never regretted. We made the decision because we wanted to focus as much as possible on the birth of Jesus as the real reason we celebrate Christmas. We also wanted her to […]

A Second Question

Last time I wrote about one of two questions I believe the Apostle Paul raises in his Letter to the Philippians.  “If it takes a village to raise a child, which village does any of us want raising the children we’ve been given to love?” is the critical question. The second question Paul raises is […]

Which Village?

In our Tuesday Bible Study we’ve been working our way through Paul’s Letter to the Philippians.  I chose the letter because I knew it was written to Paul’s “favorite” congregation; and I knew it would have something to say to u about healthy relationships. In fact, Paul has a great deal to say in Chapters […]

Youth Annual Wreath Sales

Our Youth are selling Christmas Wreaths to support their 2016 Summer Youth Trip. Wreath Sales begin on October 11th. Either Balsam or Frasier Wreaths are available for $20. The Balsam are dark green and very fragrant and the Frasier are known for their dark green top with flashy silver beneath, long lasting needles when kept […]

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