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What Is This?

Is this communication? I suppose on the one hand it is, at least to a certain extent.  I write something and people respond–some in writing, others with a verbal comment.  The fact that I appreciate the comments is not lost on me.  When someone responds to a blog I have posted, it lets me know […]

One More Answer

One of Martin Luther’s most important contributions to the life of the Church is his understanding of Christian vocation.  A vocation, or “calling,” is what is given to each of us as children of God, “called” to follow Jesus Christ. Our vocations include work, personal relationships, civic involvement, our roles as citizens and members of […]

More of My Answer: God’s Word

I honestly can’t remember exactly what else I said to the young waiter who asked me the question “Why are you a Lutheran?”  But I know I either said, or wish I’d said this: One of the other reasons I am a Lutheran is that the Lutheran understanding of God’s Word is the most biblical of […]

Part of an Answer

In my June 11 blog entry, I wrote about “questions”.  Some people apparently appreciated that; more than one wondered about my answer to that particular question.  “Why are you a Lutheran?” the young waiter had asked me.  What I remember telling him is this. I’m a Lutheran because I believe our understanding of the Gospel is […]

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