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Christmas Wreath Sales

WREATH SALES Our Youth are selling Christmas Wreaths to support their 2017 Summer Youth Trip. Wreath Sales beginning in October. Either Balsam or Frasier Wreaths are available for $20. The Balsam are dark green and very fragrant and the Frasier are known for their dark green top with flashy silver beneath, long lasting needles when […]

I Wonder if She Knows

I wonder if she knows what she is really doing? Six of us spent time in Milwaukee last week on a Mission Trip chosen by our Board of Youth Ministry.  We were with groups from others of our state, as well as from the Green Bay area, and Madison, SD. The group with whom I […]


I’ve just seen information from the Bible Camp our confirmation students have attended for the last 27 years apologizing for having to limit enrollment this summer because the director was not able to hire enough counselors.  The reality is the camps don’t pay enough to attract as many counselors as they need. Many of those […]

United Sisters Annual Craft and Bake Sale!

United Sisters Annual Craft and Bake Sale! Reserve your table NOW! Saturday October 8th 9:00 – 3:00 Ten foot spaces available for $25 See Sherry Batterman or call the Church Office at 651-777-1329

God’s Promise Intergenerational Event

God’s Promise Intergenerational Event Wednesday August 10th 4:00pm – 8:00pm Lake McCarrons Park Shelter – Roseville 4:00pm – Open Swimming 6:00pm – Hotdog Potluck 6:45 Bible Study – Pastor Bob We will provide hotdogs, buns, condiments and lemonade. Please bring a dish to share and your own eating utensils. Bring your own Bible for our […]

Room for Dinosaurs in the ELCA?

Is there room for dinosaurs in the ELCA? At our most recent synod convention, we had the “opportunity” to watch DVD’s about a number of ministries that were in many ways unique, but had this in common: each was an example of what might be characterized as “the latest new thing.” It’s a common practice […]

In the Light of Pentecost

Is something Christian because Christians do or say it–or because it is reflective of Christ or the first disciples? As have many Americans I have been thinking a great deal about the next Presidential election, and the reality that many find either one or both candidates quite polarizing. Many Christians find the presumed Democratic nominee […]

An Eye for an Eye…A Life for a Life

“An eye for an eye…” is biblical and is meant as a limit for the revenge that might be sought, when those words are included in what God delivers to Moses on Mount Sinai.  In Exodus 21, the verse actually begins “If any harm follows, then you shall give a life for a life…”  The same thinking […]

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