Pastor’s Monthly Message – June

From Pastor Preuss…

It’s been ten years since I announced one Sunday that “hell had frozen over;” and the reason I knew that was that there was for the first time that day a computer in my office! (I also remember showing empathy for Vikings fans because their team had still not won a Super Bowl.)

Now I wonder if that same unlikely event in that lower realm could have happened again; because I have decided to try blogging.

The reason is that while there are a number of ways that some people choose to “communicate” that are not of great interest to me, blogging is. Blogging appeals to me because I hope that it will allow the opportunity for the sharing of thoughts, ideas, questions, insights, and opinions between us. I am intrigued by the possibility of conversation that might supplement or complement (that is add to, so complement, not necessarily compliment, that is praise) something read or preached, taught, thought or experienced—especially a conversation that might otherwise not continue, or happen in the first place. I am particularly hopeful that this might be the case with some of our brothers and sisters in Christ who for one reason or another might not be able to be a part of as many conversations, worship services, or classes as they or we might hope. Because I hope it could strengthen our personal relationships and partnership in the Gospel, I believe it is worth a try.

In early June, Dan Woolley will see that the blog is added to the congregation’s website ( Your responses will be encouraged, though each one might not appear on the website’s blog. No anonymous responses will be included, though if a person who has a signed response requests anonymity, that request will be respected.

As with the blog that I follow regularly, mine will be irregular, depending on what I’m thinking, what I’m asked or told, and how much time I have.

This is an experiment we begin with some “fear and trembling” on my part, and with an appreciation for Gamaliel’s response in Acts 5 to the questions asked of him about the growing Christian mission—“Let’s see what happens.”

My first posting will be my response to an editorial authored by David Brooks, a columnist for the New York Times and a weekly contributor on The PBS News Hour. Brooks has just finished a book entitled The Road to Character. In the editorial (St. Paul Pioneer Press, 5/8/15) Brooks asks “what’s life all about?” Even as he remarks that he believes fewer and fewer people in the last two generations ask or consider that all important question, he also invites his readers to respond. So I did.

Not every blog posting will relate to Brooks’ question and my or your responses. We will in the weeks and months ahead go our own way, hopefully a way in which we are led by the Holy Spirit. I, and I hope you also—will look forward to this new conversation.

Pastor Preuss