God’s Promise Day Camp is what we’ve been calling Vacation Bible School the last few years. Again this year Diana S has written the curriculum, and she, Michele S, Debbie W, and a host of others have organized and led God’s Promise Day Camp

The theme this year has been MIRACLES. When I heard that the “Davids” in the group “slew” Goliath (Andy G) with marshmallow “rocks” shot from slingshots, I wondered again about miracles.

Is a miracle a fact? Or is a miracle a matter of perception? When David slew Goliath, did the Philistines consider that a miracle, or a tragic defeat? When an operation is successful, is that a miracle, or due to the skill of the surgeon and others? Can something be a miracle for one person, but not for another?

In the Greek of the New Testament, the root for the word “miracle” has to do with power. Is a miracle a manifestation of God’s power? Must it be extra-ordinary or otherwise unexplainable? Or is a miracle something that only the “eyes of faith” recognize? And does that mean that many, if not most, go unnoticed?

With what sort of eyes, I wonder, do you or I see throughout the day?