The Gift of Showing Up

They showed up!

Rarely in my 36 years of ministry have I been moved as I was by their appearance.  I’d been wondering why I hadn’t seen them for quite some time; wondering if I or someone else had done or said something to hurt them or to turn them away.  So I wrote and asked them.

And they showed up!  To talk!  To let me know what had happened; what had been going on.  Because so many people don’t answer the phone when I call, or acknowledge an email I send, I am often disheartened.  How can it be that there is no time for that, or not sufficient respect for someone else?  All the more remarkable then was the fact that they chose to show up–to talk.


They made my day!  They helped confirm for me how important personal relationships are, and how gracious are the gifts of time that we choose to share.